This is the first instalment in a Weekly Stills Collection inspired by Emily’s blog: The Beetle Shack. Each week, Canon DSLR in hand, I will take a few pics that sum up the little things that have happened each week. I’ll be aiming to post each Sunday evening, once kids have been fed, put to bed, lunches are made, and everything else is sorted for the new week ahead (ambitious I know!). It’s been a big week. Here they are.








1. Our little niece Harper came to visit on Tuesday. She gets all the attention from the big girls and all the biscuits too. Well, who could resist those eyes (and those curls)?

2. It was the first day of school this week and my girls were a little anxious. Soph, you were so worried about where to put your bag. Evie, because you didn’t know what your teacher looked like. But Lucas, you were a rock. When I nearly made us late (taking photos of you all) you just said “That’s ok mum. My friends will already be there and then I’ll know where I have to go.” So simple.

3. My Chicken, Spinach, & Feta Pie. A modified recipe handed down to me. Finally something that my girls will eat without a fuss. And get this – they know it has spinach in it!! How awesome is that? Their favourite part though is the puff pastry on top. I see you Evie!

4. A swim in the pool. Charli is learning to jump in, swim to the side and get herself back out. I have a feeling she likes the jumping in part…

5. Cupcakes. I have this friend. She’s pretty special. She came with her family to our place for dinner. She brought cupcakes & all the little bits and pieces so the kids could decorate them for dessert. Did I tell you she was special?

6. So who’s wearing their cranky pants? It’s not easy being a mum to a strong-willed, independent 7 year old who thinks she’s more like 14. We butt heads a lot but it’s also something I love about her.

7. Charlotte spent the weekend in (literally) the dress up box. She was a fairy, a princess and a pirate, walking around the house in each persona. Here she rediscovered my Hen’s night veil (made by my little sister) and she walked around knowing she was beautiful. I knew I kept it for a reason.



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