This week I was wishing that we lived close to the beach. There is something calming about being able to walk out the door to the end of the street; removing your shoes and with it all your cares as you let those tiny sand particles surround your feet and the waves wash over you. I need that.
Thankfully this time next week I will be at the beach. We are off to sunny* Queensland and I’m hoping that it will be calming. Fingers crossed.
This week it was all about new school shoes, new luggage, soccer, work, and trying to find some inner peace when everything around me seems like organised chaos.
This week I took a huge leap by researching the possibility of starting my own photography business. Domain name secured. Packages drafted. Branding & marketing consultation booked. Moving forward. Terrified but excited at the same time.

Stills-17Mar13-cat-1 tyreswing-1 Stills-17Mar13-ER-1 Stills-17Mar13-soccer-1Stills-17Mar13-1

Stills-17Mar13-wii-1Stills-17Mar13-bee-1 Stills-17Mar13-1-21. Barnabus. He’s getting a time out from being chased around the house by our littlest rascal.
2. Photography. Words cannot describe how much I love taking photos. You know you’re a bit obsessed when you keep telling people to look at the amazing ‘light’ & how great something or even a simple moment will look as a photograph.
3. Friendships. Now I get to watch my littlest school kid develop friendships through school. ER is Evie’s best friend. Evie wants nothing more than to spend all her free time with her. Last week ER came to our place. This week Evie went to hers. She was on Cloud 9 with anticipation ALL week.
4. Soccer. Winter outdoor sport started this week with a ‘friendly’ trial game. Lucas had been off school the day before but he still tried his best to help out his team mates. If only it was a little cooler on Saturday…
5. Mischief & Tantrums. OMG. This one. She is going to do my head in. Seriously. Sure, she’s cute BUT oh can she whine – like for a whole soccer game & then some.
6. Wii. We haven’t seen the Wii out much at our place. The kids are usually outside playing but it is back on the scene as of this weekend. Mario Kart, previously situated at the back of the cupboard despite the high price tag, has had a revival. All four of them played for a while. Ah peace (not necessarily quiet though…).
7. Autumn. Autumn & Spring are my favourite seasons for so many reasons. Beautiful blooms is only one of them. Polygalas remind me of my childhood.
8. Luggage. We’re leaving on a jet plane but sadly I know when we’ll be back again. New luggage to carry all our necessities & treasures.
The week should be a good one too. It’s always good knowing that you’re about to go on holiday. Tomorrow I’m off on a bushwalk with some of the lovely school mums sans kids. Shame my new camera hasn’t arrived yet. Hope you have a good one too. xo
* Queensland has not had a good reputation for being ‘sunny’ lately. Let’s hope it puts on a show as of 24 March!



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