Yes, you’re right. My Stills Collection is late.

This week it started to get chilly. The change of season is upon us. The leaves are falling. The ugg boots are out. Hubby cut the first batch of wood for the fire. It’s nearly time.

It’s starting to get harder to get out of bed in the morning. You know the feeling, being all cosy & warm underneath the blankets. The chill in the air around you. The mad dash to grab something warm as you pry yourself up knowing that you are the responsible one. You are the one who has to get them all up.

They don’t want to get up either. It’s certainly getting harder to drag the kids out of bed these days. They take after their mumma. The days are warm and beautiful though. The afternoon light is amazing. And although we didn’t find the autumn leaves we were looking for this week. We did find some tall grass. And they stopped fighting for a moment & frolicked.

1. Cosy. Snuggled up in bed you pretend to be asleep but I know better. You have just put your notebook away after writing about the days events. You do this every night.
2. Tupperware. I haven’t been to a Tupperware party in years. I still remember going to them with my mum when I was a toddler. It was birthday week so maybe Charli will remember it too.
3. Friends. A friend of mine turned 30 this week (she’s a little younger than me… ahem). It’s so lovely that we get to meet & form new friendships through our children’s school friends.
4. Light. The light at sunset. The cheekiness of their little sister. Captivating.
5. Childhood. Exploring & picking flowers. Her favourite past times.
6. Cricket. The annual cricket presentation saw Lucas receive the Coaches Award. He was a bit chuffed.
7. Light. I love chandeliers. I wish my ceiling was tall enough to have them. Maybe one day.
8. Beach. We don’t live close to the beach but everytime I go I start having these grandios ideas that maybe one day we will.

I actually don’t mind Winter. I like that when you are cold you can put on layers to warm you up, light a fire, drink a warm cup of tea. Bring it on! (Nb: I can’t imagine trying to warm up in a country like Canada though…)

You might have also noticed that my 10 on 10 is late too. It’s been a super busy week with no signs of letting up. Instead I did a special Mothers Day 12 on 12. So stayed tuned. xo


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