Photography: Little Evie & her big sister Lucy

I remember the day I was introduced to my little sister. I was only 2 and a half. But I remember. I remember my father and my grandmother getting me out of the car at the hospital. I remember parking in the street and my mum standing on the balcony with my sister in one arm and a little green suitcase in the other. Both of these things were for me.

Can you guess which one I was most excited about?

I loved that little green suitcase.

A little while ago I met Evie. (No question as to how I feel about her gorgeous name.) She was only 11 days old. She is a little angel.

Evie’s big sister Lucy seems happy to have her about. I get the feeling though that she’s waiting for her to do something more exciting than sleep. While she waits she watches Team Umi Zoomi and eats cake. You see, that’s what toddlers do. We on the other hand treasure this time. We know how fleeting these moments can be.

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Thank you for allowing me into your home so soon after little Evie’s arrival. I hope she continues to be a little angel. She certainly looks like one. xo


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