The little things: swings

Living on 5 acres it seems silly to go to the park to play. At home we have a swing, the trampoline, a small slide not to mention a cubby house, pool & their myriad of toys including bikes. But sometimes it’s the little things like sidewalk chalk, cardboard boxes & just going up to the local park that are exciting. Even this can seem like an adventure.

Here are just a few shots of our 30 minutes of rebellion when we rejected the freedom of our own 5 acres and embraced the community playground.

22Jun13-play-122June13-play-4 22June13-play-322June13-play-6


22June13-play-13 22Jun13-play-622June13-play-8 22June13-play-18 22June13-play-9 22Jun13-play-2 22Jun13-play-3 22Jun13-play-4 22Jun13-play-522June13-play-14 22June13-play-15



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