STILLS: A Weekly Collection

Besides being a little under the weather again this week, we travelled with my mum to the Central Coast for a little adventure during the school holidays. We visited some friends who also love photography, we rode bikes and played in the sand which was the subject of my 10 on 10 this month.

This week was also my Dad’s birthday and we celebrated with a back paddock BBQ which can only mean dune buggies, camp fires & getting dirty.

I also found out whether I will be an aunty to a little niece or nephew in November. Either way – very exciting! What’s your news this week?
1. Strawberries. We go through punnets and punnets of strawberries. It may just be worth growing quite a few plants in our vegetable garden. These ones were particularly huge!

2. Photography. Catching up with friends to play with our cameras while our kids run a muck. Bliss.
3. Belly bump. In a good way. I’m looking forward to being an aunt again in November. (It’s the best way to have more babies around.)
4. Damper. Making damper over the campfire & filling it with golden syrup when it’s done. I remember doing this when I was a kid. Aussie tradition. Mmmmmm
5. Fire bug. The birthday boy starting our bonfire.
6. The expectant couple.
7. Fire bug #2. Lucas was honing his fire starting skills & learning how to use a flint & steel.
8. The girls. All in their boots. Family. In our family there’s girls… and Lucas. He’s a bit outnumbered.

So many photos to cherish from our weekend. Have a great week everyone. xo


One thought on “STILLS: A Weekly Collection

  1. You’re so lucky to have the paddock at hand for such adventures (and it makes for great photos!). Perhaps Lucas won’t be so outnumbered in November????? *raised eyebrow* We’ll have to wait and see! ❤

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