STILLS: A Weekly Collection

This week has flown by. The beginning of this week saw me nursing my eldest back to health – again. And in turn he passed on the love & gave it to me. So this evening I am going to crash into bed early (which is so unlike me).

This week the weather has reminded me of why I love Spring so. Blue skies again, blossoms & no chill in the air.

But despite the weather, and perhaps because I have been feeling under the weather, my little ones have been pressing my buttons this week; driving me mental. In particular the little one. I do love her so. Really. I do.

When she was really getting under my skin, I took her to the local duck pond. Just the two of us. We watched the ducks & I was reminded that she is only 3. That she is testing the boundaries (which are a little flimsier as she is the fourth). As she held some duck feathers in her hand, she preceded to tell me that she would have to put them down in the grass so that new baby ducks would grow. I was reminded of her innocence. And she even made me giggle.

1. Blue Skies. Editing photographs lately is so easy to do when they are fun, bright & colourful.
2. Healthy. Evie is my healthy eater.
3. Cutie. My little niece came to visit this week.
4. Outdoors. Evidence of outdoor play when the weather is as perfect as this.
5. Portrait. It’s easy to take portraits of them when they’re 10 & they stand still. Although his smile masks how unhappy he was that I made him cut his hair!
6. Feathers. The little things… the wonder & the innocence. She told me that she would have to put them back on the grass so baby ducks would grow. Just like planting a seed…
7. Pioneers. Learning a little history & hopefully realising that things weren’t always as easy as we have it now.*
8. Cautious? Never. This little pony was a nipper but Charli didn’t know that until she tried to give it a pat. Careful little miss!
9. Peaceful. The opposite to when they’re awake.

* Ok so maybe they won’t realise how easy they’ve got it for a while longer but I can dream. If you are interested in some old time history, you too can visit Australian Pioneer Village.

Have a great week everyone. xo


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