STILLS: A Weekly Collection

Adhering to arbitrary deadlines has never been my thing. Sure, if there are some dire consequences then it will be done but somehow deadlines that are personal tend to be extended. Like my deadline for the Stills Collection… yes well, this week I gave myself permission to be late.

Last week was a busy week primarily because I was teaching for 4 days. I like to help out other schools when they are in short supply of casual teachers but it tends to take it’s toll on me. I take my hat off to all the working mums out there – it’s exhausting running a household & working.*

But there was still time to notice the little things…

I watched as my mum taught my eldest daughter to sew and remembered fondly how she had done the same with me (although I still revert to her whenever any sewing needs to be done!).

I watched my littlest daughter played peek-a-boo in the bath before her first official physie competition. I saw the excitement & the fear on her face as she was left on her own in the prep room & I thought how brave she was.

I watched spring blossom and my mother’s purple irises spring up from the ground.

I watched as my middle daughter engaged in her favourite pastime – eating lollies… while wearing her mumma’s high heeled shoes.

And this weekend I photographed my first christening. A beautiful celebration of a tiny new life by a loving family.

1. Life skills. Nanny is teaching her to sew.
2. Memories. This reminded me of when I learnt to sew as a kid and the stories mum would tell about why she began to sew. She would sew shift dresses in her teens & twenties. A brand new wardrobe at her fingertips.
3, Peek-a-boo.
4. Me. This is how my kids see me. Some of the time. Not all of the time. Everything in moderation right?
5. The taste of success. Her first trophy.
6. Vivid. I love the colours of Spring.
7. Lollipop. Lollipop Ooo lolly, lolly, lolly. Lollipop…
8. Yuuuuuuck! Oh, did you say you don’t like mint lollipops Evie?
9. Rite of passage. Little girls wanting to be big girls. In time, in time.
10. Photography. These are the moments I love to capture. My favourite photographs are not planned. They just happen. They are real.

Have a great week everyone. xo

* Couldn’t do it all without my mum. I hope you have someone you can call on when you need some help too.

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