10 on 10 Project – September 2013: The Late Edition


This 10 on 10 is late. So I chose to wait a week & re-live our Tuesday one week later on the 17th rather than skip it altogether. We have lots to do on Tuesdays & it is the same each week.

On Tuesday we have two amazing mums who help us out. They take you two big kids home with them after school & they take you with their own kids to after school activities. How lucky are we? Having 4 kids makes it difficult to get you to different places on the same day. I really don’t think we could do it without these women.

The juggle is often compounded when I take on a casual day teaching. And today was one of those days. In the morning we drag ourselves out of bed (thankfully we all love to sleep in but sometimes it makes us late!), we get ready for school & work, make lunches, get all our clothes ready for the afternoon & head off.

After school it’s Physie dancing, indoor soccer & Scouts. It is our busy afternoon of our entire week. In fact at the moment it’s our ONLY busy afternoon of the week. And that’s nice. We can handle that.

This month the photographs are heavily dominated by the appearance of little Charlotte. But that’s not unusual. Charlotte heavily dominates our life. You are a handful Little Miss, craving attention ALL the time. Absolutely and utterly exhausting. And yet cute as a button!

So here you go kids. Here’s our Tuesday in review. Our first weekday 10 on 10 for quite some time.

1. You two do not get along much at all. Maybe it’s because you don’t have very much in common. But it seems ever since I update your ipod Sophia, you are now also obsessed with Minecraft. Getting tips from the expert…
2. Today was a working day for me – at my old primary school. Old style buildings bringing back memories from when I was a kid.
3. Three out of four of you LOVE fruit. That’s pretty good odds.
4. Physie. Every Tuesday. Lots of giggles with your best buddy as it’s just you two in the class.
5. You are so excited to see your big brother & watch him play indoor soccer. He looks out for you & you love him so.
6. A variation of the dying cockroach. This one was just you being lazy lying on the dirty concrete floor at indoor soccer because it got you attention from everyone – the little angel that you are.
7. A first hold of a two day old kitten. They are so tiny & precious and you are all very gentle.
8. If you can’t find Evie, she can often be found here. You’re always hungry! You take after your dad!
9. The only variation from last Tuesday 10th Sept. Scouts was not on tonight. You decided to start reading your new book in the Treehouse series that your loving mum bought for you instead.
10. It’s time for bed. You have sooooo much energy. You are exhausting… but you’re also pretty special. xo



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