STILLS: A Weekly Collection {School Holidays edition}

School holidays! We have been busy this week soaking up the sun & trying some new things. What have you been up to?

1. Treetops. Oh so high. He’s up too high for my liking. Overprotective much? For your own treetops adventure you can look here.
2. Miss Independence. “I can do it myself Mummy!”
3. Shopping. A spot of shopping with the three girls & the abundance of Christmas decorations.
4. Light. A new purchase for an 8yo who loves to read before bed.
5. Wet. We did this a lot this week.
7. Big Smoke. Look out for another post later this week about our trip into the city this week.
8. Me & my boy. Yep, I’m in a photo! Taken by Miss 8.
9. Creative. She’s making herself a costume for the school ‘Halloween’ disco in a couple of weeks.

I photographed a wedding yesterday and had the best time. Looking forward to sharing some photographs soon. Have a great week everyone. xo


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