The Big Smoke {Lifestyle}

School holidays are done & dusted but there are always the memories… & the photos. There’s always photos. No stills this week but here’s a run down of our trip to Sydney.

We’re no country bumpkins, but living an hour out from the city we very rarely get into the big smoke with the kids.

Last week, the big kids & I caught the train into town. An adventure of sorts. I always remember it being such a big deal when I was a kid. The last time I took Lucas on the train was about 3 years ago & we had to get off early. He was terribly sick & I wasn’t sure whether it had been travel sickness or a virus. Thankfully we discovered it must have been the latter.

Everything is so different in the city. It’s busy. There are lots of people; people of all different shapes, sizes & colours wearing all sorts of different fashion (some good & some horrendously ill-planned). There are homeless people lying in the streets & businessmen walking hurriedly right past them to their next appointment while speaking on their mobile phones.

The buildings are tall & shiny. Some of them so tall they were affected by the 100km gusts of wind. We didn’t get to ride the lift to the top of Sydney Tower Eye that day. We will save the breathtaking views of Sydney for another day.

The smells waft through the windswept streets – cigarette smoke, tree pollen, asian food, bakeries, garlic, car fumes. All mixed together. Lucas pulls his t-shirt up over his nose & mouth. It’s all too much.

I love that you both wanted to venture into the small, quirky book store – one I used to walk past every day on my way to my ‘office job’ in the city 3 years ago.

I love that you see Pitt Street Mall, The Strand, The Queen Victoria Building, Darling Harbour & it’s surrounds & you appreciate the enormity of it all. How did they build that so long ago mum?

I love that you both still want to hold my hand.

City-Sept-LR-1 City-Sept-LR--1City-Sept-LR-5 City-Sept-LR-7 City-Sept-LR-8 City-Sept-LR-12 City-Sept-LR-16 City-Sept-LR-19 City-Sept-LR-21 City-Sept-LR-22 City-Sept-LR-23 City-Sept-LR-24 City-Sept-LR-27 City-Sept-LR-33 City-Sept-LR-41 Citydiptych-4City-Sept-LR-49 City-Sept-LR-44 City-Sept-LR-47 City-Sept-LR-50 City-Sept-LR-54 City-Sept-LR-57 City-Sept-LR-53 City-Sept-LR-61 City-Sept-LR-63 City-Sept-LR-75 Citydiptych2-1City-Sept-LR-81 City-Sept-LR-83 City-Sept-LR-88 City-Sept-LR-91 City-Sept-LR-90 City-Sept-LR-93 Citydiptych-3City-Sept-LR-99 City-Sept-LR-101 City-Sept-LR-109 Citydiptych-2City-Sept-LRPt2-6 City-Sept-LRPt2-7 City-Sept-LRPt2-10 City-Sept-LRPt2-13 City-Sept-LRPt2-16 City-Sept-LRPt2-18 City-Sept-LRPt2-19 City-Sept-LRPt2-21 City-Sept-LRPt2-22 City-Sept-LRPt2-23

I have mixed emotions about the kids heading back to school today. I’ve kinda liked having them around… Are you going to miss your kids now they’re back at school again?


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