Photography: Ellie at 7 weeks {newborns}

A new baby brings so many changes into your life. Some of them are anticipated & some are unexpected. But above all there is the overwhelming feeling of love & adoration on a level you never imagined possible.
As a photographer you can feel it. When you walk through the door of the family home… that love.
Whenever I meet a newborn, I am always overwhelmed by those emotions I felt when I brought my own baby home for the first time. That adoring gooey clucky feeling. But what I love even more is seeing that in others. You can see it when you visit Jo & Evan.
Ellie is as cute as a button. Life changing. In the most fantastic way possible.

Ellie-LR-2 Ellie-LR-3 Ellie-LR-4 Ellie-diptych-1Ellie-LR-50Ellie-diptych-2 Ellie-foot-1Ellie-LR-9 Ellie-hand-1Ellie-LR-23 Ellie-LR-43 Ellie-diptych-fmly-1Ellie-LR-55 Ellie-LR-58 Ellie-diptych-5Ellie-LR-60 Ellie-LR-62 Ellie-diptych-3Ellie-LR-82 Ellie-LR-86 Ellie-LR-88 Ellie-LR-90

It was lovely to meet you little Ellie. xo

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