Photography: Elisa, Nic & the kids {Family}

When Elisa called me and asked me to take some photos of her family she hesitated. She had a theme…

Every year her rather large extended family including aunties & uncles, put together a calendar for the following year. And every year there is a theme. The theme was ‘Better Homes & Gardens’.

When she told me she needed headshots I cringed a little & thought of school photos & casting calls. Hopefully they are more than that. I think so. In the end, it’s not hard to go wrong with such a happy bunch of people.

Elisa-1 Elisa-5 Elisa-10 Elisa-13 Elisa-16 Elisa-20 Elisa-23Elisa-26

Elisa-diptych-cc-1Elisa-36 Elisa-38 Elisa-41 Elisa-42Elisa-46 Elisa-52 Elisa-diptych-1Elisa-54Elisa-diptych-2Elisa-58

Brief fulfilled. xo


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