Photography: Zahra at 10 days {newborns}

At just 10 days old, Zahra already has her siblings wrapped around her tiny fingers. They are in awe, constantly asking to hold her. But today when I visited they were at school.

The cuddles were reserved for mum.

Zahra-4 Zahra-12 Zahra-14 Zahra-17 Zahra-diptych-1Zahra-20 Zahra-22 Zahra-26 Zahra-diptych-2Zahra-27 Zahra-29 Zahra-33 Zahra-34 Zahra-35 Zahra-38 Zahra-diptych-3Zahra-41 Zahra-63Zahra-53 Zahra-54 Zahra-59 Zahra-60

Thank you for sharing cuddles with me Julie. She’s so adorable.


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