She’s 4! My Littlest Princess

Stills-17Nov-Charli-1-2My baby girl turned 4 today. She’s the littlest of my four. Unlike the saying, she has been photographed the most. She is my little whirlwind. She keeps me on my toes.

She’s been getting into trouble of late for ‘naughty’ behaviour like pulling kittens’ tails, picking up puppies, calling her brother the ‘i’ word and worse a ‘big fat liar’. Worse still she’s been teaching her younger cousin all these things. Yesterday her favourite word was ‘cowabunga’.* Today her favourite word was ‘birthday’.

This morning we watched Hi 5 together. She was curled up in my arms & she told me who all the ‘new’ people were. I realised it has been some time since I’ve sat down & watched Hi 5 with her. She was pleased that I was ‘hands free’ and attentive.

She sat with me in her birthday dress. A white dress covered in sequins given to her by her great grandmother this morning. It sparkled in the light. She is just like her big sister. A girly girl but one who still likes to get covered in mud & ride her scooter.

We went to the shops for morning tea. A cute little cafe. We ordered banana bread & milkshakes. Both of us. She told everyone who would listen that it was her birthday & that she was wearing her birthday dress.

As we walked through the shops she was greeted with adoring smiles. She was given a rainbow pencil by the staff at Smiggle. Little do they know how cheeky she is. In clothing shops she hid under the clothes racks & wouldn’t come out so I pretended I couldn’t find her. She thought it was hilarious. She is still my baby.

As we walked further she complained that her little legs hurt. She still likes to be carried. My back knows she’s too big, but… she’s my baby. We found a trolley & she stood (despite requests to be safe) & directed me down the aisles.

As we walked back through the shopping centre she insisted we go via Santa’s Chair. He wasn’t there. Disappointment written all over her face. Then she heard it. A bell. And she looked around. Where was it coming from? And in the distance… there he was. As if he knew she was looking for him. She shyly approached & he walked on by with a small hello. I told her she needed to speak up & she called out to him. He turned, gave her a high five & walked back to his chair.

And there it is… She’s still my baby girl. For a little while longer anyway.

* Who knows where she got ‘cowabunga’ from. There are no Ninja Turtles in this house. Yes, of course I taught her to closely follow the word with ‘dude’. So much better than the ‘i’ word. 

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