10 on 10 Project: December 2013 {An ordinary Tuesday – mostly}

Today we got up, got ready for school (only one week to go). Charlotte & I dropped you all off at school & then we headed off to the park.

On Tuesdays, I’m home from work. When I’m not madly editing photographs for lovely clients, I get to hang out with Charlotte ALL day. A blessing – mostly (sans dying cockroach tantrums).

You listened to Taylor Swift the whole way to the park, earphones in your tiny ears – down low so as not to damage those tiny eardrums. It used to be ‘Never Ever’ but now your favourite is ’22’ which we played 5 times in a row. I wonder what you’ll be like at 22?
You immediately ditched your shoes & ran for the playground which was full of sand. You probably should keep them on but maybe I’m a bit paranoid.
A new playmate. You asked me why Samuel was so little. You wanted him to be older so he could play with you.
This was a new park & you loved it. It was however a little hot. 36 degrees today!
After I picked you up from school, you all jumped in the pool. This is where Lucas grazed his back on the bottom of the pool. It stung badly & so we didn’t go to soccer or Scouts. (Don’t tell anyone but there were tears.) You do love the pool!
You are busting to ditch the ‘bubble’ Charli & you are confidently putting your head under water. Almost ready.
Resting up after the injury & browning up too quickly.
Bedtime mayhem. You guys like to read to each other before bed… or sing songs & clap along. Hmmmm
And then I caught these two… You don’t get along all that well but tonight, just for a little while, you did.


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