Photography: Boston at 10 days {newborns}

Boston was a delight to photograph. Content and sleepy. His parents were just as lovely (and probably just a little sleepy too as we all are when there is a newborn around).

Happily cradled in his mum & dad’s arms, he was no trouble at all. He reminded me of my son who was always happily snuggling, sleeping & growing in those first months of life. Such a precious time.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, especially those of you who have little ones experiencing the joy for the first time.

Boston-LR-web-1 Boston-LR-web-8 Boston-LR-web-9 Boston-LR-web-11 Boston-LR-web-12 Boston-LR-web-17 Boston-LR-web-18 Boston-LR-web-26 Boston-LR-web-28 Boston-LR-web-30 Boston-LR-web-35 Boston-LR-web-38 Boston-LR-web-40 Boston-LR-web-41 Boston-LR-web-47 Boston-LR-web-52 Boston-LR-web-55 Boston-LR-web-58 Boston-LR-web-60 Boston-LR-web-62 Boston-LR-web-65 Boston-LR-web-69 Boston-LR-web-72 Boston-LR-web-75 Boston-LR-web-78 Boston-LR-web-86

Merry Christmas everyone. xo


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