Charlotte: Mama fail…

I’ve had one of those days. You know the ones… the ones where you feel like you’re failing miserably as a mum.

Those days when you’re seeing, reading or witnessing every other mother who seems to have their sh*t together. Those who have finished their christmas shopping, who are crafting with their kids, baking cookies & smiling sweetly like they haven’t a care in the world… & they just can’t wait until christmas.* Those days where you just feel like you’re not measuring up.

I’m having one of those.

It probably doesn’t help that I’m tired. Which makes me cranky. And I’m sick. Which also makes me cranky (because you know mum’s don’t get sick days – we just soldier on).

Well today proceeded as it normally does on a Sunday but Charlotte – my sweet, adorable 4 year old was at her best. I’d asked her yesterday which list she was on… Naughty or Nice. She looked at me with her brow furrowed with that I’m annoyed that you’re asking me this question look & shouted – NICE!!!


Today she pushed me, told me I was an idiot (thanks goes to her older siblings for that one) and then blew a raspberry at me – a sloppy one where the slobber reaches your face. She was sent to her room.

For this reason, my sister has decided not to bring my 2 year old niece around when Charlotte is here. Charlotte is a bad influence. I know this.

Her siblings have taught her well. She is also the youngest so perhaps the rules have been relaxed a little (because mummy is tired & cranky). She gave up days sleeps long ago. She went to bed late last night. These are not excuses. She’s always like this. She has a strong independent demanding personality. Perhaps they are just rationalisations so that I keep my sanity in tact.

Today Charlotte scaled up her drama, her performances, her antics. Today she did this…


with…. nail polish.

Trying to do this…22Dec13-drawers-2

Well trying to paint her nails but it was more like her hands.22Dec13-drawers-4

And the drawers… And the cupboard…. And the carpet… And the rug… In her sister’s room.

Epic Mother Fail. Sigh.

* I know in reality these are very rare & I’m hoping there are more of you out there that are actually having your drawers painted pink too!

4 thoughts on “Charlotte: Mama fail…

  1. oh my – this definitely tops the “smash cake” incident … glad you remained calm enough to get some fab pics … poor Soph & her beautiful drawers….

    1. On par with the cake smash Cheryl! Thankfully a whole bittle of nail polish remover did the trick on the drawers. Not sure what to do about the child though!!!

  2. just letting you know that here is another mother with paint on her carpet and poo in her bath and all manner of other decorative “delights” left by little ones. I rarely have it all together and my kids are influenced by and influence their loads of cousins on a bi-weekly basis at least… if it’s not cousins it’s siblings or friends. Honestly, I myself can be not the best influence sometimes, hahaha…’s so good to be a network of mums that see that we’re not alone in the insanity of it all
    all my love–
    (I found your blog from Beetleshack link up)

    1. Thanks so much Heidi! Sometimes it feels a little isolating being here alone with my 4 little ‘angels’. It’s nice to know we all experience similar things from time to time. Writing about it always makes me feel ‘normal’ again. Lovely to meet you. Happy New Year. K x

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