STILLS: A Weekly Collection

Yay! It’s holidays and Christmas is nearly here…

We have already started school holiday fun with 40 degree days! We’ve been in the pool until 7:30pm for the past two days. We’ve had friends over & eaten Christmas treats, Sunny boys & mountains of fruit. Watermelons are a lifesaver on these hot days & Evie has devoured loads of cherries over the past two weeks (sometimes stealing them from Nanny’s fridge).

My little 3 week old niece & her big sister came to visit too. And we’ll do it all again next week… Except next week it’s Christmas!

20Dec13-Random-1 20Dec13-Random-3 20Dec13-Random-6 20Dec13-Random-4 20Dec13-Random-12 20Dec13-Random-2520Dec13-Random-19 20Dec13-Random-23

Happy Holidays everyone. Stay safe & be merry. xo

Linking up with the lovely Em at The Beetleshack.

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