STILLS: A Weekly Collection {A simple Christmas}

Can you believe it? Christmas is over for another year. It always seems like a whirlwind. A frenzy. Within 24 hours it’s over for another year.

But our family converged on our parents homes, picked fresh veggies from the garden, ate & enjoyed each others company. My little niece Samara, at 3 weeks old, pretty much slept through her first Christmas while Harper & Charli delighted in their present opening. (Charli is not a big fan of princess earrings!).

My kids have been merrily playing with all their toys for days in between bouts of pool hopping & chalk drawing, remote control boat driving, Pikachu onesie wearing, lego building, fruit eating, slip & sliding fun.

ChichXmas-LR-1 ChichXmas-LR-4 ChichXmas-LR-8 ChichXmas-LR-10 ChichXmas-LR-15 ChichXmas-LR-46Carson-Xmas-13-1 Harper-Xmas-1 Samara-Xmas-1 Slide-Xmas-1 BoxingDay-LR-5BoxingDay-LR-7BoxingDay-LR-2228Dec13-1EmKy-1Macarons-Dec13-2

A few days of laid back, chillin’ out were in order & we happily obliged.

* And a big Happy Birthday to my bestie Em (above with me – that’s me on the right) who celebrates her birthday on Christmas Eve & we all make a huge effort not to mix the two – if only long enough to give her big hugs & open birthday presents.

2 thoughts on “STILLS: A Weekly Collection {A simple Christmas}

  1. A beautiful set of photos and some of them made me laugh…the costume by the pool..the beautiful baby sleeping. The slip and slide…oh isn’t that a great toy, not good for the grass underneath but great entertainment for the kids. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. It’s so nice to have an easy going Christmas where we can be with family rather than rush about. I hope my kids remember these simple things. Thanks Kathy. K x

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