STILLS: A Weekly Collection {1/2014}

For the month of January my Stills will incorporate the Photo a Day challenge. I’ve always liked doing them! So here they are from our first week of 2014.


DAY 1 // Lunch // Vegemite sandwiches nearly every day even when there are other things on offer. Elsie likes them too. Chillin’ out at home. Happy New Year everyone. xo


DAY 2 // Begins with G // Girl. Cheeky, mischievous, tantrum throwing, gorgeous little girl.


DAY 3 // My Town // We ran some errands today & then stopped by the river. Our town is known for its river supplying water to half of Sydney metro.

20140104-234547.jpg DAY 4 // Word to live by // Laughter. I’ll be aiming for more of this in 2014. That together with happiness, joy & contentment. It’s the little things…


DAY 5 // Found // We recently found Sophia’s little mouse she had when she was 2 up high on a cupboard. It’s become Charlotte’s new best friend. She named her Daisy.

Linking up with the lovely Em at The Beetleshack. Hope that’s ok Em. xo
If you would like to join in on a Photo a Day challenge there are so many to choose from whether it’s Fat Mum Slim’s prompts here or a 365 Grateful without prompts. Either way it’s a fabulous way to capture the everyday just like Em’s Stills.

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