STILLS: A Weekly Collection // 12Jan2014

You’ll notice that I missed a week. I lost my Wi-Fi connection whilst away on holidays…

This week I lost two of my children. My two big kids left on their own adventures. One to Cuboree & the other with Nana down the coast.

I missed them. Lots. But they’re back now and all is balanced again.

I also took a few iPhone pics while away on our trip. Get snapping I say, whatever the format!


DAY 6 // Happens Everyday  Evie has a sweet tooth. If she’s not asking for lollies, it’s ice blocks. So far, every day of the school holidays, without fail, she has asked for one or two, or three at different times throughout the day. Summer lovin’…

7Jan13-pondupsidedown-1DAY 7 // Upside down Evie was lookingn for fish in the duck pond today. Little things…


DAY 8 // Lucky Number Mine. Not that I really believe in luck.

DAY 9 // Natural Charlotte can often be found stealing Nanny’s beans from the veggie garden – eating them a la naturale.

DAY 10 // Manmade Evie’s birthday cake. She turns 7 tomorrow. xo


DAY 11 // Looking Down Charlotte jumping for joy as she hits the beach as we start our beach holiday. We are jumping too! #iPhone


DAY 12// Colourful Tickles with mum on holidays. (Well, it’s lots of yellow really but who’s judging right?) #iPhone

Have a great week everyone! xo


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