STILLS: A Weekly Collection // 19 Jan 2014

We spent the past week on the South Coast of NSW. It is so amazingly beautiful down there.

With no internet connection & only mobile reception on the beach, I was able to be present with my kids. And I took a lot of photographs with my iPhone 5. I used to take iPhone pics all the time but haven’t so much since I got my new(er) fancy camera mainly because I was always disappointed with the clarity. I was reminded how the simplicity of a quick point & shoot camera can still be very satisfying. I was thinking I might share some of my favourite photography apps over the coming weeks. What do you think?


DAY 13 // Makes me Smile #iPhone


DAY 14 // Three Things   Charlotte collected foxtails at our sunset BBQ by the lake. #iPhone


DAY 15 // Black & White   Lucas helping his sister with the fishing rod today. #iPhone
Just an extra because I couldn’t help myself. Daddy & daughter… #iPhone


DAY 16 // Sun   Evie picking foxtails again in the afternoon sun. #iPhone
DAY 17 // Tiny   Another beach day before heading north. And a tiny little Australia. #iPhone
18Jan14-Sprinkler-1DAY 18 // Happy Place  When she’s happy, I’m happy. And when the opposite is the case… well… Super hot back here at home. Lucky we’re heading up the coast tomorrow! #Canon #homeagain


DAY 19 // Breakfast   For dinner…
Last week’s late post is here.
Linking up with the lovely Em over at The Beetleshack.


8 thoughts on “STILLS: A Weekly Collection // 19 Jan 2014

    1. Thanks Joanna. It’s been a while since I’ve taken iPhone pics. It’s nice to have it handy in my pocket for those times when my Canon is out of reach. Kylie

  1. Those black and white photos capture such personality, emotion and personality. Your sunset honey hues of evie picking Fox tails are brilliant. Over from stills, have a great week Kylie. X

  2. that beach is amazing! i love how you captured the evening light, and the look of delight on your little girl’s face. popping in from em’s stills.

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