STILLS: A Weekly Collection // 26Jan2014


DAY 20 // To do list    Not much of a ‘to do list’ on holidays except catch up with friends, go to the beach, feed the kids & have fun!


DAY 21 // Blue   Sometimes I wish I was a little kid again so I could play with their dolls. #idoanyway


DAY 22 // Nice   Catching up with friends unexpectedly.


DAY 23 // Bedtime   She still sleeps with her wrap that was wrapped around her tiny body when she was a baby. She still likes me to be close by when she goes to sleep. She’s still my baby. #iPhone
DAY 24 // My space   On holidays my space involves a quiet moment on the beach…  #iPhone
DAY 25 // A taste (or sound) of Summer   The sound of cicadas is sometimes deafening! And these ones were huge! #iPhone
DAY 26 // Fun stuff This is what she does for fun. The concentration is intense. It’s not all about giggles & laughter. Some fun things are about creativity.
Have a great week everyone & all the best to those littlies starting school & their mums too! xo
Linking up with the lovely Em from The Beetleshack.

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