37-52-Lucas-1-2 37-52-Soph-1 37-52-Evie-1-2 37-52-Charli-1

“A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014.”

Lucas:   In the afternoons your preferred place to be is outside (after you have checked Clash of Clans on your iPod mini). But mostly, you’re outside catching the sun.

Soph:   Pre-teen. Watching your favourite shows – Good Luck Charlie, Lab Rats, Austin & Ally…. sometimes I watch them too (you know, doing the good parent thing – making sure they’re appropriate, making sure I’m ‘in touch’ with the younger generation… and sometimes they make me laugh too. Laughter is good.)

Evie:   You are trying so hard at school. It’s hard for you & so easy for the others. Sometimes it’s hard for me to watch you struggle so. It’s actually makes my heart ache. Especially when you want to give up. But you don’t. And one day it will pay off – all that hard work, all that frustration. One day.

Charli:   Twirling & dancing in that afternoon sun your brother loves so much. You love it too. We all can’t wait for Spring to take hold.


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