Week 6 | The 52 Project

02Feb14-1stDayKindy-8 02Feb14-1stDayKindy 02Feb14-1stDayKindy-3 02Feb14-1stDayKindy-6 02Feb14-1stDayKindy-11“A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2015.”

So my portraits are a little different this week. It was such a momentous occasion that I just had to include all of these. You, my little baby, started Kindergarten surrounded by the love and support of your big brother and sisters.

Lucas: You watched our for her. You walked her down to her classroom every morning after that first day, helped her to put her bag in the correct spot & walked her to her lines. You felt ‘sad’ you told me when she grabbed onto your leg and cried when you had to go, just like she does when I have to leave her. You are a wonderful big brother & I love you for this more than you will ever know.

Soph: You organised her in the morning and fussed over her like a mother-hen. You used your excited voice to ask her about her day when she got home, just as I did.

Evie:  Your beaming smile filled her with confidence. She knew that you guys would be there for her (even though you were worried about being late to your own lines because Charli was so reluctant to go inside the gate every day).

Charli:  My baby girl. So grown up. All ready for big school. Your bag looked like it was so enormous on those tiny shoulders (even though it’s the same size as everyone else’s!). You will love school… but I will miss you… maybe I will even miss your dying cockroach tantrums during the day… (but maybe I’ll just get them late afternoon instead!).

The 52 Project is inspired by Jodi at Practising Simplicity.




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