Naomi & Ryan

Together with my very good friend Renee, we met & photographed Naomi & Ryan by the beach as the sun was setting behind the hills.

It was windy at the beach as the wild ocean pounded the rocks where we had intended to photograph this lovely couple. Instead, we took shelter by the tall pine trees.

Naomi-Ryan-LR-2 Naomi-Ryan-LR-3 Naomi-Ryan-LR-6 Naomi-Ryan-LR-10 Naomi-Ryan-LR-12 Naomi-Ryan-LR-13 Naomi-Ryan-LR-14 Naomi-Ryan-LR-16 Naomi-Ryan-LR-17 Naomi-Ryan-LR-20 Naomi-Ryan-LR-23 Naomi-Ryan-LR-25 Naomi-Ryan-LR-27 Naomi-Ryan-LR-28 Naomi-Ryan-LR-30 Naomi-Ryan-LR-31 Naomi-Ryan-LR-33 Naomi-Ryan-LR-41 Naomi-Ryan-LR-34 Naomi-Ryan-LR-37 Naomi-Ryan-LR-40 Naomi-Ryan-LR-42

Looking forward to collaborating with Renee Robertson Make-up, Tanning & Photography in March 2014 for a fabulous Blue Mountains wedding.


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