Sunday Mornings

It’s been so long since I’ve written here and so many things have happened in the past twelve months. Many moments have passed by but the little things still stand out.
How she’s grown & now loves the same things as her brother & sisters. Minecraft.
The way she giggles.
How her fringe falls in her face.
Her long lashes attached to those big brown eyes.
Her love of Skye from Paw Patrol and Grover.
The way she jumps on me every morning & gives me the biggest hug followed by “I love you mum”
in the most matter-of-fact way.

Sundaymorning-1-3 Sundaymorning-1Sundaymorning-1-2

Love her.


10-52-Lucas-1 10-52-Soph-4 10-52-Evie-1-2 10-52-Charli-1“A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014.”
Lucas:    Like your littlest sister, you love the kittens. We tracked them down in the feed shed yesterday.
Soph:   This morning you were listening to old school Miley. Here you look like you’re a tween. Too grown up…
Evie:   You called me to the trampoline to watch your crazy toothless jumps. This ones called the “Crab bum snap”. There’s a clap at the end of it!
Charli:   Hanging out with daddy. I think he got a little worried when you went to move this lever though! Brrmmm
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STILLS: A Weekly Collection

I know, I know. I’m late. Yesterday, on a beautiful winter’s day, we invited some friends over for a barbeque in our back paddock. So I chilled out, relaxed and enjoyed the moment.

The camera was out though. It’s never too far away. I love capturing the joy on the kids faces. I hope they remember it forever but just in case, we’ll have reminders.

1. Oranges & Lemons. Our neighbour gave us some fruit this week. Grapefruits too.
2. Duck, duck… goose. The kids play a game with their cousin after dinner. The kitchen may not be the best place for this game!
3. Tickles.
4. High. You know that feeling you get when your kids do something a little dangerous? Yes, that’s it. How am I going to be when he starts driving?
5. Pretty. I found this skirt that Sophia used to wear when she was younger. Perfect size for Miss C.
6. Friends. Cheeky laughs on the weekend.
7. Clown cars. Maybe this could be one? How many clowns can you fit in a dune buggy?
8. Growing up. She looked so grown up this weekend & she’s ever so helpful.
9. Photography love. This is my bestie Emma. She loves taking photographs just like me. When we hang out together there’s always lots of laughs & lots of photographs. x

Have a great weekend everyone. xo

STILLS: A Weekly Collection

The last day of Term 2 was on Friday. No more school for two weeks. Lucas however did not get to say goodbye to his mates. He succumbed to a virus and was not himself for most of the week with high temperatures and a hacking cough. Even though he is now 10, I feel just as helpless as I did when he was a baby. Completely helpless.

But some positive things did happen this week including a night out on the town with the girls. I wish I had taken my camera. Next time I will. Here’s a few of those ‘little things’ that happened this week…

1. Sorrowful. Helpless.
2. Cousins. Lunch. Happy.
3. Lashes. My cute little niece with  her long lashes & her snotty little nose. Still adorable.
4. Mischief. Charli chases Barnabus around everywhere. Lately he occasionally gives in & just sits instead of trying to flee.
5. Rainy Day craft. Easily amused with indoor craft activities she initiates on her own.
6. Gramps. The most amazingly beautiful relationship I’ve ever seen. Who does she seek out when she’s cranky with mummy?
7. Rain. They have been inside most of this week. It’s a bit cold to splash in puddles but handy to have a gate opener in lieu of an electric one!
8. Generations. This is Charli’s great grandmother. This is how they greet her. Every time.


The little things: swings

Living on 5 acres it seems silly to go to the park to play. At home we have a swing, the trampoline, a small slide not to mention a cubby house, pool & their myriad of toys including bikes. But sometimes it’s the little things like sidewalk chalk, cardboard boxes & just going up to the local park that are exciting. Even this can seem like an adventure.

Here are just a few shots of our 30 minutes of rebellion when we rejected the freedom of our own 5 acres and embraced the community playground.

22Jun13-play-122June13-play-4 22June13-play-322June13-play-6


22June13-play-13 22Jun13-play-622June13-play-8 22June13-play-18 22June13-play-9 22Jun13-play-2 22Jun13-play-3 22Jun13-play-4 22Jun13-play-522June13-play-14 22June13-play-15



It’s here. I can feel it. It has been creeping up on us for a while. Winter.

Getting them up is still hard but there are some benefits to winter. Hot chocolate, warm fires, being cozy, sleeping in, cuddles, layers hiding all those bits I don’t want everyone to see, casseroles & slow cooked meals.

On the downside, hubby is sick. He has the man flu. He is going to drive me crazy over the next few days. Surely all the girls know what I mean. Today he sent me six text messages while I was out (for 3hrs). Messages like: “I can’t breathe!” “Don’t spend too much on my funeral.” I’m drowning in snot”. Help me please!

As the 1 June rolled past, my eldest daughter’s 8th birthday is imminent. For her birthday we agreed that she could have her hair done (professionally) and get her ears pierced.

This brought back memories of when I was a child. When my little sister got permission to have her ears pierced when I was always told I couldn’t have them done until I was 16. She got them done when she was about 10. And I got defiant. I can be like that sometimes. So I didn’t get mine done. That was that.* I have included a few of her experience. I think she’ll remember it for quite some time. At the moment, I’m THAT mum. The cool mum. For a little while at least.

1. Sisters. These two are like cloned copies of each other. The only difference is their hair colour. Oh, they are going to be trouble!
2. Mechanics. These boys love hanging out together.
3. Flowers. Fresh flowers always provide a breath of fresh air. These are a new type of chrysanthemum my mum bought. They’re much nicer than the old ones.
4. Jacket. I bought this jacket for Sophia last year but she never wore it. Thank goodness Evie has some style!

5. Rainy days. It’s nice to have rainy day helpers to open the gate when I’m leaving. It’s also pretty cool to get a royal wave and a kiss blown to me too.
6. Hair. I have always cut her hair. But it’s so thick. So today as a special treat she got her hair cut, layered and straightened. She was nervous but she was grinning from ear to ear.
7. Happy. Did I mentioned how thrilled she was?
8. Ear piercing. There’s a great debate about it. Whether to pierce or not. We weren’t born with holes in our ears right? What age is appropriate? I never get into those arguments. It just felt right.
9. Eight (almost). I can’t believe my eldest girl is nearly 8. I remember when she was born. In a rush to enter the world and nothing has changed.

*Ok, so that wasn’t really that. I ended up giving in when I was 33. That’s how long I hold a grudge. I’m a scorpio. I note however that this was only ever to my own detriment. I accept that. 

Have a great week. xo