Sunday Mornings

It’s been so long since I’ve written here and so many things have happened in the past twelve months. Many moments have passed by but the little things still stand out.
How she’s grown & now loves the same things as her brother & sisters. Minecraft.
The way she giggles.
How her fringe falls in her face.
Her long lashes attached to those big brown eyes.
Her love of Skye from Paw Patrol and Grover.
The way she jumps on me every morning & gives me the biggest hug followed by “I love you mum”
in the most matter-of-fact way.

Sundaymorning-1-3 Sundaymorning-1Sundaymorning-1-2

Love her.

Week 14 | The 52 Project

“A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2015.”

Lucas: I remember a time when Elsie was so tiny she would fit into your arms… just like when you were little & you would fit into mine.

Soph:  Rugging up as the days get cooler.

Evie: Holding dad’s hand on our bush walk so you don’t trip.

Charli: You went searching for easter eggs & found this little guy. Sophia would have screamed the house down. You were calm but cautious.

The 52 Project is inspired by Jodi at Practising Simplicity.



Week 11 | The 52 Project

11-52-15-Lucas-111-52-15-Soph-111-52-15-Evie-111-52-15-Charli-1“A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2015.”

Lucas: Practising for the outdoor soccer season which starts at the end of the month. You are looking forward to it. I love to see your confidence growing.

Soph: First time ice-skating. A few tears, bumps and bruises but you were smiling by the time we left.

Evie: A blessing and a curse. So often you get complimented for your amazing curls but they are a challenge to manage day in & day out.

Charli: I wonder if you’ll be a florist when you grow up? Always amongst the flowers!

The 52 Project is inspired by Jodi at Practising Simplicity.



Week 9 | The 52 Project

9-52-Lucas-1 9-52-Soph-1 9-52-Evie-1 9-52-Charli-1“A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2015.”

Lucas: You have known these two girls longer than you have known your sisters. They’re like family. There was a time when our families would see each other regularly. Now, even though we see each other a little less, nothing has changed. You & these girls are best friends. I love that you pick up where you left – just like all good friends can.

Soph: You are growing up so quickly. Every day I get a glimpse of the woman you will become.

Evie:  This week you’re saving up for a Smiggle drink bottle. You’ve washed up a few times, counted your coins & asked me a billion times how much they are. Only $1.90 to go. You even asked for money to model for me!

Charli:  At the end of the day, as the light begins to fade, you are doing what you love best – twirling in the one dress that has the best skirt – in thongs!


The 52 Project is inspired by Jodi at Practising Simplicity.




42-52-Lucas-1 42-52-Soph-S-1 42-52-Soph-1-4 42-52-Charli-1-2“A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014.”

Lucas:   You’ve lashes like your Dad. Long and straight.

Soph:   “Mum, this is how I sleep at night – curled up in a ball.”

Evie:   You have been playing with your sisters and babies this week. “Put her dummy in her mouth mum. Watch. She closes her eyes.” “Hold her like a real baby mum!” (I think I may have had heart palpitations at the thought but you did write in your homework this week – one of the things you DON’T want for Christmas… baby sister. Phew.

Charli:   You watch your big sister draw all the time. You love trying to copy her work.

Linking up with Practising Simplicity.

I’m going through a black & white phase at the moment. I can’t get enough of that soft skin & strong contrast.



17-52-Lucas-117-52-Soph-117-52-Evie-117-52-Charli-1“A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Lucas:   Every time I cut your hair I try to give you a 1D cut but you won’t have it.

Soph:   I remember a time when this didn’t come some easily.

Evie:   Pure joy.

Charli:   Sometimes I’m reminded how little you are. It doesn’t come so easily for you. Tired.


* Playing catch-up!


11-52-1-211-52-Soph-1 11-52-Evie-111-52-3

“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014.”

Lucas:   Entranced by Barbie’s Mermaidia.  Shhhhh don’t tell anyone.

Soph:   Staring at the television on a rainy day with bath crayons as face paint. Resourceful.

Evie:   In her singlet ready for bed.

Charli:   The side of you that people rarely see but happens oh so often.

Linking up with Jodi from Practising Simplicity for The 52 Project.